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Operational Guidelines

If you have any questions about compliance or have any concerns about fairness or appropriateness,
please write to us and we will respond to you via e-mail or the contact information provided as soon as possible.

Lotte International will always strive for compliant management.

Matters to Report

- Unfair common action of stakeholders, such as bid rigging for the purpose of doing
business with our company

- Acts that violate our Fair Trade Code of Conduct (refer to the Fair Trade Compliance Manual)

- Disadvantageous treatment and exposure of the identity of legitimate informants

- Violation of other laws such as the Fair Trade Act (collusion, insider trading), the Fair
Transactions in Subcontracting Act, the Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising.

- Corruption and unfair trade practices of business partners

- Acts of giving/receiving unfair monies, goods, entertainment, or convenience to/from

- Any person who has engaged in bribery, embezzlement, etc.

- Acts of obtaining unreasonable benefits or damaging the company by leveraging one's
position or duties

- Any person who interferes with the fair work of other employees for the benefit
of himself/herself or others

- Acts of leaking corporate secrets and customer information without permission

- Acts that violate the Code of Ethics, illegal/unethical acts, and acts of concealing and abetting

- Other unethical behaviors that are inappropriate

Protection of Informant

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