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Lotte International produces and imports/exports various products based
on its excellent global network and overseas production bases.
We will become a global partner that increases customer value by continuously securing
overseas production bases in order to expand our SCM business.


In order to provide high-quality beef at a reasonable price, Lotte International was the first Korean company to acquire an Australian feedlot in 2019. We directly manage the entire process from live cattle to fattening, slaughter and export, providing our customers with reliable clean Australian beef.
Export corporation LOTTE International Oceania PTY LTD.
Date of establishment 2014.4
Address Se 2 Level 3, 340 Adelaide Street Brisbane
QLD 4000 Australia
Main business Local sales and export of beef / Export of food
ingredients such as rapeseed oil and beef tallow to Korea
Production corporation LOTTE International Australia Pty Ltd.
(Land-owning corporation)
- Sandalwood Feedlot PTY. LTD
(Feedlot operating corporation)
- Kestrel Farming PTY. LTD
(land-owning corporation)
Date of establishment Feb. 2019 (Date of establishment: Jan. 1986)
Address Dalby-Nungil Rd, Dalby QLD 4405 Australia
Main business Beef production and export
(consigned fattening and L'grow in-house fattening)


The company supplies Korean fruits, frozen potatoes, and equipment to provide a stable supply chain for local subsidiaries.
Company name LOTTE Vina International Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment 2008. 11
Address 3rd Floor, Beautiful Saigon Building, No.02, Nguyen
Khac Vien Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC
Main business ㆍSupport for local business group companies
(sourcing, delivery)
ㆍFrozen potatos, kitchen equipment
ㆍKorean fruits, mushrooms, chicken meat
ㆍStore confectionery/snacks
ㆍHanoi Center: Equipment, etc.


In order to supply food crops with insufficient self-sufficiency in Korea, Lotte International acquired a farm in the Russian Maritime Region in 2018. We directly produce and manage non-GMO soybeans and corn crops to provide only safe food to our customers.
Land-owning corporation LOTTE International Primorye LLC
Farming Corporation LOTTE International Khorol LLC
LOTTE International Mikhailovka LLC
ㆍDate of acquisition: Apr. 2018
(Date of establishment: Dec. 2004)
ㆍAddress: Office 203, Steet pushkina 5A, Ussuriysk, Primorksy Krai, Russia
ㆍMain business: Cultivation of soybean and corn
ㆍScale: Total area 24,000ha


Supplies various group company products such as confectionery, frozen confectionery, and beverages, and is fulfilling its role as an export base in North America.
Company name LOTTE International America Corp.
Date of establishment 1991. 9
Address 1805 Industrial St., Los Angeles, CA
Main business ㆍDistribution sales of group company products in the US and Canada
ㆍSupport for sourcing P&G products for sale in supermarkets/big markets
ㆍSupport for export of aluminum foil to the US