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Overview of Compliance Program

Overview of Compliance Program

Overview of Compliance Program

There are internal compliance systems such as education and supervision that companies
establish and operate on their own in order to comply with the Compliance Program.

Lotte International has been operating a voluntary compliance program
since 2017 to prevent risks arising from violations in advance.

Necessity of Compliance Program (CP)

Operation of Compliance Support System (8 elements of CP)

Compliance Organizational Structure

Message from the CEO

Dear executives and employees of Lotte International,

Since our establishment in 1974, as a trading company within the group, we have constantly striven to achieve the goal of strengthening group business and securing new growth engines. Now, we will rise to the next level and enhance fairness and transparency based on unwavering corporate ethics to build a corporate culture that is worthy of the group's reputation and leads sustainable growth management.
To this end, we hereby declare the introduction of the Compliance Program for fair, transparent and sustainable corporate management. By providing the company's executives and employees with specific standards of conduct in the way of compliance management-related regulations, the Compliance Program is a system that ensures compliance with all laws and regulations related to the company's activities, such as anti-corruption, fair trade, protection of trade secrets and personal information, human resources/labor, financial management, safety, and environmental protection, and it improves awareness of voluntary compliance ethics among employees and prevents risks of violations in advance.

The company appoints a compliance manager to establish an internal supervisory system for practical operation, and aims to maintain a compliant corporate culture by providing handbooks and training to all employees, so that employees can familiarize themselves with the regulations and apply them in their day-to-day work.

A compliance-based corporate culture is a valuable asset that will serve as the foundation for the growth of the company by gaining trust both internally and externally. The active and voluntary participation of all employees is the key to establishing an effective compliance program. I hope that all of our executives and employees will link arms in establishing this program that will serve as the foundation for our new growth.  

Jeong Ki-ho, CEO of Lotte International